2019 Projects:

Designing for a stairwell seems to be a theme this year! This one will focus on steelworkers and street art. This one starts with an homage to Banksy

Design diversity mural for stairwell of Hibbard Elementary and work with students and parents to paint the mural.

MLK Day project @ I Grow Chicago Peace House in Englewood. Creating a personal peace board.

2018 Projects:


Over the past few weeks I have been the art component of creating a joint Medicine Wheel and Wisdom Wheel in the garden of IGC’s Peace House. The women have painted & decorated pavers, rocks were donated and flowers will be planted to complete the installation.


In partnership with the I Grow Chicago Peace House in West Englewood, Chicago, I am teaching portraiture to local residents with the objectives of:

  • teaching a valuable skill
  • staging a portrait street festival
  • staging a portrait drawing @The Table event with police and ex-offenders drawing each other
  • installing a public mural composed of the portraits of the community, by the community

Peace Wishes

With a YOPA grant from Chicago’s DCASE and the input from Alderman Lopez, I am working with the students at Henderson Elementary in West Englewood to connect with their internal images of peace and create a unique installation of 275 individually decorated metal doves for an exterior installation in the community. Weeks of classes that begin with a yoga tune-in taught by Mr. J. from IGC’s Peace House have created colorful results to be shared in the school, at home and in the community.

Misc. Projects: