2023 Projects

Photo Op for AirBnB in Michigan

2022 Projects

Poetry to Inspire art…

In 2022 I created the artwork for the amazing Yvonne Zipter’s NEW book of poetry “The Wordless Lullaby of Crickets”

…and a garage door to celebrate excellence.

Starting a new after-school project…

Photo Op for Local Yoga Studio

2019 Projects:

Design diversity mural for stairwell of Hibbard Elementary and work with students and parents to paint the mural.

MLK Day project @ I Grow Chicago Peace House in Englewood. Creating a personal peace board.

2018 Projects:


Over the past few weeks I have been the art component of creating a joint Medicine Wheel and Wisdom Wheel in the garden of IGC’s Peace House. The women have painted & decorated pavers, rocks were donated and flowers will be planted to complete the installation.


In partnership with the I Grow Chicago Peace House in West Englewood, Chicago, I am teaching portraiture to local residents with the objectives of:

  • teaching a valuable skill
  • staging a portrait street festival
  • staging a portrait drawing @The Table event with police and ex-offenders drawing each other
  • installing a public mural composed of the portraits of the community, by the community

Peace Wishes

With a YOPA grant from Chicago’s DCASE and the input from Alderman Lopez, I am working with the students at Henderson Elementary in West Englewood to connect with their internal images of peace and create a unique installation of 275 individually decorated metal doves for an exterior installation in the community. Weeks of classes that begin with a yoga tune-in taught by Mr. J. from IGC’s Peace House have created colorful results to be shared in the school, at home and in the community.

Misc. Projects: